Testimonials for Yoga With Nature (the first beta test)

  • …more in tune with what I call the truth…
    I was able to become even more in tune with what I call the truth of my existence and that which exists around me. I am beginning to see what is called “yoga” in a whole new light. As a result, I want to experience it more. The reason I never got into it as much in the past as I looked at it as just another form of exercise where people who do it are very limber. I didn’t understand what the concept of “yoga” really was until now." Margie S.
  • a new understanding of my inner world. (Margie Schneider)
    I didn't think this would be possible to learn more about nature and myself since embarking on the PNC journey, however, I am beginning to realize that the yoga that exists within me, has the ability to enhance the way I see things, especially myself, on a much deeper level. To me it is like having a mirror held up to myself that depicts a person I haven't seen before, which provides me with a new understanding of my inner world.
  • I am quite happy with that peaceful and happy place that this course has taken me (Margie S.)
    At first I felt inhibited because of my minimal Yoga experience, but as time went by, when I came to understand what Yoga was truly about, I no longer concerned myself over it, and that was when I was able to glean the true purpose of this course, which was self-discovery. It was discovering the Yoga that existed in me. It was a means to that self-discovery. The funny thing is, in the end, I actually did unknowingly learn about some of the postures! So there can be no doubt that I am quite happy with that peaceful and happy place that this course has taken me.
  • moved by connectedness (Chris Alford)
    I'm getting deeper into what it is to be moved by connectedness, to be able to abide in that space before and after thought until what is called forth is not fabricated by a mental effort but by something much deeper, larger, more full...
  • One incredible gift (Penny Calcina)
    One incredible gift from it all has surfaced, since the end of the course. Trust. Not trust in the Universe. Not trust that all things will work themselves out. Not even trust in Nature. Trust myself as Nature. This one profound statement is deeply emotional and life changing. It is because of all that I have experienced through the course that I have come into such a profound attraction resonance with the lack of duality. I am deeply grateful for this beautiful course. How any of us could ever see yoga again in the same way, just these few weeks into this course, is beyond my comprehension. Thank you Natalie, from my depths, for this luscious adventure with you and each of you who felt this attraction.
  • helped to open me back up to something I loved (Sarah Jones)
    In all my years of school I’ve never had a course that I didn’t want to end. I didn’t think that it was possible! And though I’ve had legitimate reasons to be somewhat late on this paper, I believe that at some level I might be dragging my heels. This course has helped to open me back up to something I loved, but believed stories that told me I wasn’t good enough to do. Maybe I am after all.