Yoga With Nature

16 or 11 week course: 11 weeks if the prerequisites are filled, 16 if the Pre-course needs to be taken.


    • Eco 500: understanding of NIAL, the ability to ask permission and understand it’svalue, multi-sensory skills and discernment of stories.
    • Desire to explore yoga in a slightly non traditional way, with some basicunderstanding of the 8 limbs of yoga.
    • Perfect for the yogi/yogini who wants to reconcile nature connect ways & some ofthe traditional teachings of yoga.Approximately 3.5 hrs/week. 1 hour reading, 1 hour of activity, 1/2 hour relating, and 1 hour responding to group shares. This is approximate and may vary depending on your particular attraction to a topic.Intent/Purpose/Direction: To bridge the language and concepts of Applied Eco- psychology and Yoga. Set up skills that can be used for everyday connection to a yoga practice and yoga.


Week 1. What is Applied Eco-psychology, how it relates to yoga, and the balance of nature.This includes introduction to main aspects of PNC; stories, senses, attractions, permission and 9-legged thinking, basics of a multi-sensory web, and introduction to creating moments that let Earth teach.

Week 2. Permission – why it’s important, how do we gain and what to do if permission is not given. How to incorporate this into yoga.

Week 3. What are stories and why it’s important to step out of them, and how to step out of them. How to discern when something is an attraction or a story.

Week 4.What is 9 legged thinking? Bringing our innate experience and knowledge to the forefront of our mind so we can use our logic, language, and reason to make more complete and whole decisions.

Week 5. What are the senses. The very basic foundation of eco-psychology is touched on in this chapter.

Course Start if Pre-requisites are met:

Week 6. How can we work with something if we don’t know what it is? Coming up with our own understanding of yoga using nature connect activities and attractions to understand our innate connection.

Week 7. Pranayama – using breath to connect with life force. Loosely work with the co2/02 exchange between animals and plants and the support we give each other. Break down the original meaning of the word Pranayama and bring in the essence of the purpose of the teaching.

Week 8. Direct Experience. Tell me who you are. Connecting with the part of us that have never changed. What is it like to experience our senses without stories.

Week 9. Asana.
Using our connection to our environment and inner nature learning to us movement as a means of deepening our yoga, or connection with our environment, ourselves and our breath.

Week 10. Asana part 2
Using asana (sanskrit word for posture) as a gateway for experiencing and understanding others.

Week 11. Inner Posture
Once again, using asana, this time with a focus on what we are feeling in the posture. How we can connect to the internal landscape while in a posture, while in nature. How our inner nature can reflect what we see in the outer nature and vice versa.

Week 12. Pratayhara (withdrawal of the senses)
Present the premise that Pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses) is really a withdrawal of the stories we’ve attached to our senses. And it’s a withdrawal state and fullness of senses that is desired.

Week 13. Contemplation part 1
How we can use our connection to the whole to bring in feelings of peace and the use of contemplation techniques to establish and maintain integrity.

Week 14. Contemplation part 2
How we can use our ability to see what we would like as a way to bring back balance. Touch on nature negatives activity as a way to understand what is really the attraction.

Week 15. Meditation and the ‘challenge’
Becoming one with something. Experience for yourself what it’s like to be in connection.

Week 16. Three to five page paper on how the participant views yoga after this course and their ability to connect with themselves. What is the integral connection between nature and yoga? What is the value of that connection to you?

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