I hope you are enjoying this beautiful season. From here on in – it only gets lighter.

I’ve concocted a recipe – a “Solstice Asana Recipe” that will help you if all those glasses of cheer have been going to your head. It’s the perfect blend of darkness that creates lightness.

What you need:

1 tensor bandage

1 – 3 eye pillow(s)

A wall

Silence or soothing muscle (something acoustic that won’t engage your mind)

10-12 minutes

Yeilds: Spaciousness, calm, and inner peace

*optional – bolster, blankets, and/or strap

Blending Darkness and Lightness recipe:

Turn on music (or if you have space for silence, even better), gather all your supplies, have them within arms reach and sit near a wall. Dim or turn off lights.

For the darkness:

Take the tensor bandage and wrap it around your head. Starting on one side and then wrapping around to cover the forehead and eyes. Only as tightly as you need it to stay on.


Lie down and let your legs swing up the wall (or place on a bolster). Your bum does not have to touch the wall – just feel your sacrum and hips resting into the floor.


You can apply the strap around your thighs if needed.

Grab your blanket and wrap it around your legs if you need it to stay warm.

Grab your eye pillow(s) and place one on your forehead. If you want extra grounding, place an eye pillow in each hand. (A little difficult, but you’ll figure it out).

Breathe here for 5 minutes, or until peaceful and spacious.

For the Lightness:

Darkness often gets a bad wrap in our society. It’s where evil lurks, where things are unseen, it’s scary and not to be trusted. That’s fine for Star Wars movies – but in reality darkness has a lot to offer us; space, stillness, calmness, potential, resting, restoration, contemplation, and more.

These things occur in the dark and are critical to supporting the light within. A seed is often planted in the darkness of the soil to gestate and get nourishment until it’s time.

What perfect time to use the supportive aspects of darkness to bring in more light than at Solstice.

To do that, allow yourself to feel the inhale and all the opening that occurs naturally – don’t force the opening, just watch what opens naturally with the inhale – allow yourself to sink into that opening with the exhale. Watch what lets go naturally with the cycle of breath.

That’s it! Simple and effective.

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