February 6, 2017 8:00 am — March 27, 2017 5:00 pm

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Eco580: Yoga With Nature BETA TEST

I am running the second Beta Test of this course starting February 2017…that means a DISCOUNT (and more) for you. There are only 7 spots available.


What’s the point of a Beta Test?

I want this course to be as valuable, insightful and accessible as possible. We all have something to offer and I look forward to your insight…in essence I’m asking you for your understanding and honest reaction to the course so that I can better gauge where I need to tweak things.

I ran the first beta test last fall, incorporated the changes that the participants suggested, made a text book, got my Ph.d and now I’m ready to take it for a test drive again.


How does the Beta Test work?

You get:

  •  a discount on the tuition of the course (I am planning on offering the course for $349 but you get it for $249)
  • a digital copy of the textbook for FREE (I am thinking the book will be around $24.95)
  • Pre-Course for FREE ($99)
  • access to me via email

The exchange:

In exchange for all the above, I am asking for a few things:

  • Your insights and suggestions as we move through the course. I will ask you to keep a diary of things you think need tweaking, expanding on, any grammar/spelling errors, things you think that are really great…etc.,
  • a testimonial (if you like the course),
  • commitment to complete the course in it’s entirety.


What you will learn in the Yoga WITH Nature course:

  • Why Nature is an integral part of Yoga
  • How to turn Yogic Theories (connection with breath, the witness/present aspects, feeling of deep peace and connection) into experiences not just concepts
  • How to use Nature Connection to help to calm thought, be more present and increase inner peace.
  • How to use your senses as a communication with yourself and nature and why ‘withdrawing’ senses is really connecting with a deeper sense of connection
  • work with postures in nature connected way

This course is compatible with whatever style of asana practice you currently have,  from restorative to ashtanga.  We will work through some of the stories that the industry and mass media have put on Yoga and get back to the heart of Yoga (connection). 

Testimonial from the first Beta Test participant 

“I’m getting deeper into what it is to be moved by connectedness, to be able to abide in that space before and after thought until what is called forth is not fabricated by a mental effort but by something much deeper, larger, more full…”

-Chris Alford, Australia


Nuts and bolts – Course Details

The Pre-course (which you get for FREE in the beta test) is 5 weeks, the Yoga With Nature course is 11 weeks, for a total of 16 weeks.

Each week you will read a chapter, do an activity (and share that activity with your group) and respond to your group. It will take approximately 2 – 3 hours  a week – if you are someone who likes to delve deeper or take more time for contemplation, allow yourself more time.

This is a blend of solo time and group time. Everyone in this group is committed to staying on the schedule. Posting schedule usually looks like this:

1.Read chapter during the weekend and do activity over the weekend  – (write up ahead of time if you like and save),

2. Send the activity/post to the group on Mondays,

3. Respond to others posts by Friday (so that you have time to do the next chapter over the weekend),

4. Repeat.

*If you know you will be away for a posting, you can arrange it with the group to send ahead of time, you can then catch up on responding to the group. The key here is communication, just let the group know what’s going on as soon as you can.


For a full syllabus of Yoga With Nature, Eco 580  click here.

You can sign up here

 Beta Test starts Feb 6th (minimum of 4, maximum of 7 students)


If after you complete the course and you feel like your experience and understanding of Yoga hasn’t deepened or expanded, then I will refund your money.

Yoga With Nature 16 or 11 week course: 11 weeks if the prerequisites are filled, 16 if the Pre-course needs to be taken. Prereq: Eco 500: understanding of NIAL, the ability to ask permission and understand it’svalue, multi-sensory skills and discernment of stories. Desire to explore yoga in a slightly non traditional way, with some basicunderstanding of the 8 limbs of yoga. Perfect for the yogi/yogini who wants to reconcile nature connect ways & some ofthe traditional teachings of yoga.Approximately…

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