Courses are regionally accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. CEU’s and individual course academic credits are available through Portland State University for an additional $60.00 per credit. For more information on accrediation click here.


This 5 week course sets the foundation of Applied Eco-psychology for the Yoga With Nature course.  We explore SOME of the basics of Nature Connect as it pertains to Yoga.

If you have taken Eco500 A & B, you do not need to take this course prior to Eco580:Yoga With Nature, although much of the work is presented with a focus on Yoga.


  • love of Nature

Eco580: Yoga With Nature

In this course you will learn the basics of how to integrate Nature into your yoga practice…or more correctly how to integrate your practice in Nature.

Applied Eco-psychology students this course counts for 3 credits.

Yoga students, you can use this course towards continuing education/hours of self study time.


  • PreCourse or Eco500 a & b.  *If you are taking this course for certification you will need to complete Eco500 A and B.
  • Personal Yoga practice (if you are unsure, please contact me for more information).
  • Love of Nature.

Certification in Nature Connect Yoga

The certification is not available yet, but will be part of the ProjectNatureConnect. The certification program is anticipated to be ready by 2018 – so please bare with me as I create this program.

In these courses (there will be at least 3, plus facilitation time and a paper required) you will take the insights deeper, we will explore yamas, niyamas, learning how to ‘teach’ Nature Connect,  and more.

Applied Eco-psychology students each course will count for credits and are a must for the certification program.

Yoga students, you can use this course towards continuing education/hours of self study time. After the certification program is complete with Project Nature Connect (Akamai & Portland State University) I plan to get it certified in the Yoga community.

Eco 500 A and B

These courses are offered through Project Nature Connect. If you truly want to get a solid ability to interact with nature, I recommend these courses. For more information check out this site (scroll half way down and you’ll find the information):

Should you have any difficulties understanding this site (for some, it can be overwhelming) – send me an email and I will help you.